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Coady's Driving School in Gloucester

My aim is to get you driving to a high standard and passing your driving test as soon as possible.

The prices:


Special Offer - 1st 4 lessons for only £50 - for new drivers only. That's ONLY £12.50 per hour! Must be taken as 2 hour lessons.

or £185 for 10 hours! (Never Driven Before) (£18.50 per hour!!) 'introductory offer' MUST be taken as 2 hour lessons.

Already driven?

Then you can have the introductory offer of £225 for your first 10 hours. (not for people who are at test standard or have a test booked) 2 Hour Lessons Only

Driving Lesson Prices

  • 1 hour lesson = £25
  • 2 hours lesson = £45 (only £22.50 per hour)

Motorway Lessons

  • 2 hours = £60

Pass Plus

  • £160 - Can be booked as a day course.

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How long is the lesson?

You can choose to have lessons that you feel best fits your learning style and urgency to pass. Some people need shorter lessons than others, depending upon nervousness, confidence and how much they feel they can learn in any given period of time.
The following options are available:



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